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Bipedal Beavers on the Moon! [Aug. 2nd, 2015|09:06 pm]
Did ya hear about the bipedal beavers living on the moon?

It was front page news in the New York Sun.... back in 1835!

The Great Moon Hoax

The "bipedal beavers" are shown off to the right in this original illustration, though they're tailless and look rather like bears. (Furry art has come a long way?)
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New Horizons Arriving at Pluto! [Jul. 13th, 2015|09:59 pm]
After many years of waiting (and many journal updates here), the New Horizons spacecraft is finally arriving at the Plutonian system!

Pluto Flyby Coverage

They are already getting some fantastic new images showing the surface of the mysterious (dwarf) planet. New Horizons will have closest approach tomorrow, 7/14, and be beaming back heavy amounts of data starting tomorrow afternoon. So look for great images to show up in the news.

And it will be imaging other bodies as well during the pass. It'll particularly get good studies of Charon and Nix. Styx, Hydra, and Kerberos are small enough that images will only see them as 10-50 pixels across.

New Horizons is expected to make a closest approach of 12,500 km to Pluto as it barrels through. Note the scale of the system diagram below -- it will fly within Charon's orbit. (The idea being the debris in the accretion disc should be cleared in that band, with Charon acting like a shepherd moon, thus minimizing chances of a crippling collision.)

Kerberos and Styx are recently-discovered moons, in 2011 and 2012 (respectively). Think about it: We've discovered TWO new moons of Pluto since we launched this craft! That's how little we know about the oddball Plutonian group out on the edge of our solar system. Exciting exploration!
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SpaceX Launch Failure [Jun. 28th, 2015|10:27 am]
SpaceX unmanned resupply rocket lost

SpaceX had been bucking the trend with 18 successful missions. This morning, a launch of their Falcon9 on an International Space Station resupply run disintegrated shortly before first stage shutdown.

Though it's been labeled "explosion" it's not clear to me from the footage whether that's the right description. The first stage engines continue to burn smoothly through most of the event. It appears there is some rupture or tear in the upper stage and the rocket got basically torn apart by aerodynamic forces. Less "burst", more "shred."

No details on causes released as of yet. SpaceX is looking at the data. Again, this was an unmanned vehicle so no lives were at stake. Though it is the second ISS resupply mission to have failed, making it important that the next reach the station.

In other space news, New Horizons is about to make its pass around Pluto! 17 more days.
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New Horizons Approaches Pluto [Jun. 14th, 2015|10:15 am]
Though it's fast approaching, it's still about 30 million miles away. But the team is starting to get some good images of the enigmatic ex-planet.

Read more in this article.

The close flyby will occur July 14th. Only one month to go! We've been waiting since 2006 for the spacecraft to make this long journey. The good news is that it seems to be in perfect health.
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A State-ly Word Puzzle [Feb. 27th, 2015|08:17 pm]

...because every now and then I get inspired to make a word puzzle. Enjoy! LMK what you think. Assume the comment section contains answers/spoilers.

“A Change of State”
Combine a two-letter state postal abbreviation with a word to form a different word.

In the blue hen state, illumination becomes a joy.
DE + light = delight

1. In the island state, a bell’s sound means companies are gaining employees.
2. In the show-me state, this flower by any other name would be sad.
3. In the commonwealth, thieves’ jargon sounds like an empty room.
4. In the palmetto state, this colony insect is tiny or meager.
5. In the heart of Dixie, a factual basic statement or saying is seen as selfless concern for others.
6. In the Great Lakes state, carmine becomes stuck in mud.
7. In the beaver state, this leafy vegetable grows into a maintained grove of trees.
8. In the Liberty Bell state, a delicate openwork fabric becomes a home fit for a king.
9. In the ocean state, part of your torso is the wealthiest.
10. When you’ve finished first, then you go to the bluegrass state, things end up kind of off-balance or broken.

“Interstate Trip"
Combine two two-letter state abbreviations to form a four-letter word.

11. Driving from the highest state to the bayou state earns you a Coke.
12. Driving from the peach state to the pine tree state makes for an entertaining diversion or event.
13. Driving from the bay state to the empire state yields lots and lots.
14. Driving from the keystone state to the land of Lincoln gives you a bucket.
15. Driving from the evergreen state to the cornhusker state causes one to diminish.
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SpaceX Launch Tomorrow [Feb. 7th, 2015|03:08 pm]
Tomorrow SpaceX will do another satellite launch. This will be their second attempt to land the first stage booster -- something no one has done and which would open the way to reusable boosters to cut the cost of launches.

The launch window is tomorrow, 6:10 Eastern / 3:10 Pacific.

UPDATE: Launch was scrubbed on Sunday due to an issue with an avionics transponder. They're going to set up for tomorrow but we'll see. If it's hardware though it's unlikely to go.

They land on barges around 250 miles out to sea. They're autonomous vehicles that use multi-directional engines to hold their position.

In a tribute to the recently-deceased sci-fi author Iain M. Banks, Elon Musk decided to name the barges after spaceships in his Culture series of novels. Those ships tended to have somewhat quirky names, chosen by the AI minds that ran them. The two SpaceX ships are now "Just Read the Instructions" (east coast) and "Of Course I Still Love You" (west coast).

By a strange coincidence, just this past week I finished listening to "Use of Weapons," the third book in the Culture series on Audible. Pretty good narrator. Strange book, as they are in that series. Of the ones I've read/heard, "Player of Games" is my favorite. It'd be among my all-time top novel picks.

Last time they tried this, SpaceX got close. They reached the ship but the booster crashed onto the ship's deck as it ran out of maneuvering fuel. (Elon commented that they'd added 50% more maneuvering hydraulics, so if it crashes "At least it should explode for a different reason."

Good luck tomorrow, SpaceX!

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Further Confusion 2015 [Jan. 23rd, 2015|11:38 pm]
Kit and I flew down to California for FC this past weekend. We went a day early to have some time to hang out with Trey and decompress before the actual con started. We’ve both been very work-focused recently so some time to chill out was nice.

This year I was not responsible for running any events or panels so it was a pretty “easy” con. Didn’t even attend too many panels. I wanted it to be a more social con than I usually manage.


This year was a Victorian mystery theme. I’m not sure exactly what they have in mind with some of these con themes but I’ll at least give them points for creativity. (American Diner is next year’s.) So the three of us commissioned some Clue-themed badges from Mitti Mandy. (Note the character, room, and weapon details.)


I did get to see a lot of fursuit friends. (Including other makers; thanks Lance for the pep talk!) Hugs were given and received. Fursuits always manage to be delightful; something in them is just inherently fun to me. Even managed to finally get a hug from Sparky, who vies with Kingsford for the “cutest dragon” title. :)


Got a chance to chat with some writing folks I know. (Thanks Kyell, Kit, Not Tube, and Rikoshi!) Didn’t get to see Fuzz Wolf except in passing. He’s the publisher of the anthology I’m in so was hoping to chat. But he runs a busy dealer table and I was scurrying back and forth so… con schedules work like that sometimes.

Speaking of schedules, the low point was the 4am fire alarm. Our floor was one of the ones evacuated. Managed to somehow get clothes on and get down the stairs. Our room was right next to the end stairwell, so that was convenient, but we were on the 8th floor, which was less convenient. (Especially as the elevators get soooo overloaded at the Marriott so most of the weekend I was doing stairs up and down for each room visit.)


Great GOHs this year! Two of the puppeteers from the Mongrels TV series and various
Muppet productions were there. They brought most of the puppet cast of Mongrels, too! So I got a chance to really examine them and see details in the construction. One of the guys there was half of the team that built all the puppets too.


I asked him about coloring details and what sort of airbrush paint he recommended. He admitted “Airbrushing would probably be the proper way to do it but I just used colored markers.” I pointed out that he was the professional so markers must be a proper way! He did concede it seemed to get him by. :)


The other GOH was Lex (Alexis Rudd), also a puppet builder and performer, who’s worked for Folkmanis and Henson. I’ve actually known her for years now. Brilliant builder with such great enthusiasm and dedication. I really liked her panel on advanced construction techniques. She showed her work as well, both completed and as parts.


She also delivered a new rat fursuit for Sketch Ratner which is gorgeous! He was wearing it around so I got to see it several times. (And I met a new rat friend!)

Good times, all in all. Thanks to all my fine furry friends! (And a special thanks to Minnie and Scruff for delivering the new rat hat!) I look forward to seeing you at the next con.


Local press coverage:
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Cooking in 2014 [Jan. 1st, 2015|08:56 pm]
Don't follow me on Twitter? You basically miss me posting photos of my cooking. I went through and picked some highlights from the past year and stuck them in a G+ album.

I did more cooking in 2014 than 2013, I think. I also pushed myself to be a bit more precise in my dishes and pay attention to presentation. It's such an enjoyably tasty pursuit! More to come in 2015 for sure. :)

A Dozen Dinners of 2014
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"Abandoned Places" Anthology [Dec. 28th, 2014|03:57 pm]
(FA xpost)

When I got back from vacation I found a book in my mailbox... It features my first paid furry fiction publication! Thanks to publisher Fur Planet and anthology editor Voice. Order it here.

I've done paid furry non-fiction -- "Critter Costuming" and others. Also paid non-furry non-fiction. And.. Well, I'm working on covering all the combinations. :)

Anyway, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of "Abandoned Places". There's lots of great short stories in it. Interior artwork (including the page shown) are by Silent Ravyn. Order now!

Hmm... Now I've gotta work on that furry novel manuscript some more...
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Perfect Test Flight for Orion! [Dec. 5th, 2014|12:20 pm]
Early this morning, the new Orion module design was put through a full flight test (designated EFT-1). This is not the final vehicle but a first version of the capsule which may get NASA back to manned spaceflight. This flight is the furthest we've sent a capsule (though unmanned this time) from Earth since the Apollo 17 flight.

It lifted off on a Delta IV Heavy and went up into orbit. (Above image is a long-exposure view of the launch.) After a first orbit of the Earth, the upper stage of the central rocket fired to take the vehicle into a high elliptical trajectory. (Below image is a view of Earth's limb from later portion of the flight.)

As it came around the other side of the planet, this brought it down into the atmosphere. It plunged down, ultimately landing in the Pacific about 630 miles SW of San Diego. It appeared to be in fine shape, bobbing upright in the waves (the position known as "stable-1").

One odd metaphor from commentary as it came down: "This is a golden spike in the bridge to the future of spaceflight." Um... Okay. The golden spike was where rail lines met (and not a bridge IIRC). Makes it sound like aliens rendezvoused with us in high orbit there. :)

Congrats to NASA and the team for a great test flight. The vehicle was packed with cameras and sensors so hopefully this will be a wealth of data as they complete the craft's design. Next major milestone will be the test of the new booster stack, currently slated for 2017. We'll see how the program progresses (and if it continues to be funded).


The other exciting event coming up is New Horizons' approach to Pluto. On the way, though, it'll be waking up to photograph a small Kuiper belt object, temporarily designated VNH0004. This is scheduled for January 2015. The flyby of Pluto will occur in July 2015.
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