Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

News or Not?

Some real news stories, some fake news stories... Can you guess which is which? Click the links for the answers and details. It's another round of News or Not?

  • A teacher loses part of his hand when his paperweight explodes. Guess you shouldn't keep live ammo on your desk, huh?
  • Much like the church and Galileo, Alabama pardons Rosa Parks (posthumously) in a unanimous house vote.
  • Forbes reports that the business trend of streamlining finances by cutting worker benefits may be ending due to the fact that workers have few benefits left to cut.
  • Scientists funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) report that they've created artificial gravity for the first time in an observable laboratory setting.
  • Speaking of space, astronomers report the discovery of a giant galactic cloud, estimated to be 463 billion miles wide, that consists of alcohol. God's liquor cabinet?
  • McDonald's experiments with a new "upscale" branding at some downtown locations, including all-new decor and bathroom attendants. But will the food be any better? Or even edible?
  • Speaking of food, there's a tragic cautionary tale about a young girl that choked to death while playing a fatal Chubby Bunny round with marshmallows.
  • Also in the dangerous foods category, Alameda County (my home!) voted to ban marajuana-flavored candy. Having been near enough to smell weed before, why anyone would want that as a lollipop flavor?
  • Finally, an optimistic look at futuristic sci-fi tech, as spray-on clothes are finally available. Fabric in a can!

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