Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Answers #3

Responses to the open questions post.

Any plans to visit the East Coast in the near future?

For someone visiting the Bay area, what would you say are some of the "must-see/do" things around?

Do you remember how we first crossed paths? I tried to recall, but I have no idea.

1. Not in the immediate future, unfortunately. I'm sure we'll be back down in Orlando to WDW at some point. Nothing else on the horizon, though plans can always change.

2. Hmmm. Tough question, actually, because I'm a pretty ecclectic tourist. I'd recommend you visit the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory in Berkeley (about 15 minutes from my house -- this is a bad thing). If you want a more mainstream chocolate experience, the touristy Ghirardelli Square in SF is also worth a visit.

3. I believe we first "met" on the Fursuit mailing list. Don't remember where we first met in person; I think we've only crossed paths at furry cons a few times, actually. I know you mostly virtually and by reputation, I guess.
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