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Answers #8

This is a response to the Ask Me Anything entry that I posted. Please add any new questions over there.

If you could be a bird what bird would you be?

I think that I'd have to pick the Kookaburra. It's got pretty but not overly-flashy feathers. ("Beautiful plumage!") They're cute little guys and, I have to admit, they have a freaky-cool call. They're the birds that make that laughter-like "Ooo-oo-oo-ah-ah-ahh-aahh!" call. Different varieties have different laughs, too.

So, as a bonus, I'd get to be in all sorts of movies! You always hear the call of the kookaburra in B movies when they show footage of a jungle. ANY jungle, regardless of continent. Heck, there's even one movie where you hear it in jungle shots on an entirely different planet! ("King Dinosaur", for those playing at home.)

And in case you're wondering: yes, someone has made a kookaburra fursuit. A kookaburra ("Olly") was one of the three mascots at the Sydney olympic games. (Somewhere, I even have a picture of it. Looked pretty good as a 'suit.)
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