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Answers #10

This is an answer to my Ask Me Anything post. Add any new questions you like as comments there.

1. What's the tradeoff between a partial suit (head+hands+feet) versus a full suit? (To wit, if you have a tendency to overheat, will having just a partial reduce that problem to a negligible heat level?
2. What's your favorite Diablo II character class?
3. Pick a time era (past or future) and make yourself the owner of a ficticious trading house. What's your stock in trade?
4. What's a method of self-defense you'd like to learn? (this includes 'accuracy in firearms'.)
5. What happened with the 'new theme ingredient' theme posts? Did you find something you really liked? Hated, never want to touch again?
6. What's a piece of music that you haven't heard in ages that you'd really like to hear again, and don't currently have on an MP3, disc, tape, record, or 8-track?

Wow. You see why there's been a pause in answering these? I had to work up to this one... speaking of one...

1. Heat (i.e. reduced problems with) is certainly a major advantage of a partial suit. You will tend to stay cooler, unless you're wearing clothes that are actually heavier than a fur suit. The other big advantages are that they are easier to make (less time and expense involved) and they are easier to pack (thoguh the head is usually the hardest part of a fursuit to pack, anyway).

Ultimately, I have to fall back on the guideline that it depends on what type of effect you want to achieve with the character. Some characters will work well (or only work) with clothes. Others require a full suit for the right impression.

And, of course, there's the cuddly factor!

2. Amazon, specifically "bowazon". My philosophy is that, if they're close enough to hit you, you've already failed. The problem with amazons is that their power really drops off above about 45th level; there aren't a lot of high-level or rune word items for them.

A close second is the druid, specifically "werewolf". This is a character that really excels once you get to level 30 and can start frenzied biting in crowds. Very powerful.

3. Age of Exploration, tea merchant. (See previous post for tea obsessiveness.)

4. Accuracy with a bow would be cool (see #2 above). I've had a little practice at archery and it can be quite enjoyable. But it hardly qualifies as a self-defense skill unless you carry a bow around at all times.

Firearms? Not really into that. I'm not fond of guns because I know that I'm accident prone and I would get really nervous about carrying around something that might suddenly kill me in a fraction of a second.

I'd choose bojutsu, the art of wielding a bo (basically, quarterstaff to us westerners -- not to be confused with aforementioned "bow"). Though "bo" is actually more general, referring to any of a collection of simple pole weapons. It's thus a skill that can be applied to a range of objects, including random pieces of whatever happens to be at hand when trouble strikes. It's also generally non-lethal, which seems more in line with my personal morals. Plus, it's a weapon with a long reach (see combat philosophy above).

(In case you're wondering -- and I know you're not -- Donatello wasn't my favorite turtle. I always liked Leo. But Splinter, it goes without saying, was the coolest.)

5. They were originally planned as a single-year posting theme. I did a few beyond the original calendar year to finish up some new ingredients that I wanted to share. So "what happened" is: they ended.

I really like lychee, which has a wonderful sweet flavor. They were a real pain to work with, though, since I skinned and pitted them manually.

Yucca root was probably the least exciting. It made a good soup, but the starchiness and light flavor make it hard to highlight in a dish.

6. I once heard a version of Carol of the Bells on marimba that was absolutely beautiful. I think it was performed by Eric Darken, but it wasn't on his Christmas album.

Other than that... and going for obscure again... The single-season TLC show "Full Metal Challenge" had a great theme song.

Most of the music that I hear that I want, I tend to seek out on MP3 pretty quickly. So this was actually a tough question! In fact, thanks for a good list of questions overall. :)
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