Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Kinetic Sculture Racing

In case you didn't notice, a few weeks ago saw the 2006 Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race conduct another year of fine competition. If you're not familiar with this race, I highly recommend that you read the official event rules. The course is challenging, including streets, sand, mud, and water. Most importantly, all vehicles must be entirely human-powered.

I think my favorite from the photos, paws down, is the Wallace and Gromit entry (also here). Rowing along on top of a giant sunny-side-up egg, even! Smashing.

The black rat (also here), a traditional participant along with the pink poodle and giant frog, made a triumphant return. And a special hats off to the rowing Elvises, winners of the Grand Mediocre prize (for finishing in the middle of the pack).

Next up: Arcata's KSR.
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