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SCA: Egils

This coming extended weekend, my wife and I will be heading up to Egils, our traditional SCA outing. (The full name is "Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament", which explains the foreshortened form.) It's in Oregon, near Eugene, at a pleasant wooded site.

We'll be buying provisions and packing up Thursday morning. That day we'll do most of the drive up so that we can arrive early on Friday to set up camp. (Yes, witchofnovember, we'll be there in time to actually help out this year!)

My major goals for the event:
  1. Cook more

  2. Remember a camera

  3. Remember to actually take pictures with said camera*

  4. Buy an only-semi-silly hat

  5. Relax

*If I actually remember to do so, I'll post a writeup and pics when I get back.
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