Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Puzzle Answers

Looks like people had fun with the word puzzle. In case you didn't get one, here are the answers:

1.woolen, limberedwooden, timbered
2.coax, famehoax, fake
3.mullion, golfbullion, gold
4.deduce, lessonreduce, lessen
5.switch, simpleswatch, sample
6.burst, charmedburnt, charred
7.crowned, rustlingcrowded, bustling
8.tough, blanchbough, branch
9.massive, massagemissive, message
10.hero, pullzero, null
11.rusted, tastyrushed, hasty
12.hammer, inhabithamper, inhibit *

* normanrafferty suggested "dammer" which, when looking at the dictionary definition (n, 3.), works as well.

The trickiest part of writing this was coming up with words that did something other than switch the first letter. My brain, at least, seems to want to switch the first consonant sound to find similar words. So I tried to find some less phonetically intuitive transformations, such as burst/burnt and crowned/crowded.

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