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Wow, it's been a while since I posted. I've been busy and wasn't paying attention...

Saw Wordplay last night with kit_ping. Good movie! I'm a puzzle fan, though I never got deeply into crosswords. This was a fascinating view into the world of expert crossword solvers (and constructors). It covers a crossword convention (reminiscent of a small furry con, with talent show and filking... gotta love that fandom togetherness!) and the people involved. A well-made movie, with some attention paid to editing and graphics that really carried what could've been a very dry subject.

Been working on my own writing a bit. I'm rewriting some early chapters which I originally wrote (overly) quickly. This revision should make them a bit more coherent and consistent with later parts of the novel. Hopefully, I'll be done soon, which will mark what I'll officially dub "complete first draft".

Other than that... Work and miscellaneous projects. The usual.

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