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Updates 'n' Stuff

So, a quick recap o' things:

Out to a party with 3catsjackson's coworkers, who turned out to be a really fun group. Some gourmand tales, homeowner chatter, and a well-received showing of MFT3000: Invasion of the Animal People.

Our household was out at yet another party! Fun, bouncy, and cool. Got a chance to chat with some cool folks that I get to see depressingly infrequently. Danced according to my personal philosophy: "I don't care what you think, 'cause I am having fun!" Nifty music from crocodile and Furry Logic (?).

About ninety million people asked me why I wasn't in costume. Evidently I desperately need a fursuit appropriate for parties (one is on the drawing board), as a juggler doesn't work around alcohol (trust me).

Confirmed that I absolutely suck at remembering names, as I've lamented before. Friends I've known for years (e.g. frysco) and I can't recall their RL name. Some furries that I know, I can't even remember their fan name. Damn, what's old age gonna be like for me? This does not bode well at all.

Fursuit workshop organized by crocodile: fun! Annoying headache throbbing through it: not fun!

At Croc's request, I tried to help run things, but he had it pretty well under control. It was pretty good. We stayed fairly focused (in a room full of fursuits... that's an accomplishment) and got some good feedback on performances. Wonder if it'll help make measurable improvements if we keep this up.

I gotta admit, I still envy and admire yippee's performance ability. (Who doesn't? ;) There's a natural and effortless movement to his character portrayal that really sells it. But he's earned it, with a long career of performing. I also was impressed by brigus, who can really project that puppy cuteness through his fursuit. And there's that white fox... Umm, Nukame?... See above thing about names. :P

Makes me reflect on how little performing I've had a chance to do. Gotta work on that... And, no, the above isn't trying to suck up; it's my journal so I'm just writing my personal impressions. Not meant to dis any whom I didn't mention, either. But this is really turning into a badly rambling entry... So I'll quit and go find an analgesic.

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