Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

An Unclose Shave

My wife and I had split itineraries on our return portion of the trip. I was in Portland for a day and then flew back home while she will drive our car back later this week. One of the upshots of this airline-based leg is that I'm currently without an electric razor.

You see, given recent problems, I decided to carry the absolute minimum of items onto the airplane. This meant my laptop and a small stack of notebooks and reading books. I chose to leave my travel toiletries kit (thereby defying it's nominal purpose) since it contained assorted medicines and *GASP* liquids and gels. Personally, I think parting me from my deodorant is more likely to be a terrorist act, but that's (just one reason) why I'm not the TSA.

So I'm also without my electric razor for the next few days. This would seem to be no big deal except that I realized (belatedly) that I've never learned how to use a safety razor. I mean, I think my dad showed me how to shave with one when I was 12. But then I started using shavers and I haven't switched back.

On the way home, I stopped at the drug store. Not having any basis for comparison, I picked a mid-range model Gilette Mach 7 Tensor Swoop Ergo-grip Ultra Low-Carb Whirligig III (genuine leatherette carrying case included). I also bought some shaving foam, a product line that, sadly, has not kept up with the razors in terms of product modifiers.

It's weird to be a 31-year-old man, standing in your bathroom, wondering how the hell you actually shave with one of these things. I've certainly seen other people do it. I generally know what's involved. You know, general "shaving theory". I'm good at picking up the theoretical side of things. But the practice...

Ouch! These things catch. And stick. Even with the foam! In the end, I have to admit that this technically-sophisticated razor gave me, quite frankly, a really uneven shave. I guess I haven't figured this thing out. And if I can hold out for three more mornings, I won't have to!
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