Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

No Short-Term Whatchamacallit

Apple has announced a battery recall for certain models of laptop, including the iBook G4 which I own. The article doesn't mention serial numbers, it just says batteries manufactured by Sony are affected. (And the Apple website is currently down.)

So I figured I'd check my battery to see if it said Sony and, while I was at it, get the serial number for later. So I pull my laptop and power cable out of my carrying bag; by plugging the laptop in, I think you can remove the battery without the computer losing power.

I get the laptop upside down on my desk and get a coin for the little battery locking mechanism. Twist that, pop the battery out, record the serial number printed in little squint-inducing gray type.

Those of you with working memories have already deduced what comes next. I look down and, coiled idly on the floor below my desk, is my power cord.

I really worry about what I'll be like at retirement age. Life will be a voyage of constant discovery.
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