Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

News Nibbles

What's the best excuse you can give when pulled over for speeding? The creativity bar has been raised.

Speeding Driver Blames Absence of Goats - Evidently, he's used to goat-clogged roadways and the wide open highway of Ontario caused him to accelerate with glee!

How do rats help improve our lives? Sure, we all know about medical testing. But what about public awareness campaigns?

Publicity Stunt Locks Woman in Plastic Case with Rats and Garbage - To boost awareness of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, she agreed to be locked in a box with a pile of garbage and 40 rats.

Finally, a bit about blogs. (They're almost news-ish.) A link to Lore Sjoberg's amusing column, passed on by normanrafferty.

The Ultimate Blog Post - About writing a blog and what would be the ultimate entry for various well-known forums (forae?).
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