Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

iTunes Movies

In the first week of operation, Apple's new iTunes download store has sold 125,000 movies. That's pretty impressive, considering that it's really only one studio's (Disney) titles. It'll likely get even more exciting once the iTV box that Jobs hinted at comes out and you can actually view the purchased films on a TV screen.

I'm not totally thrilled, just because of the DRM on it. AFAIK, Apple's FairPlay for video doesn't have an option to transform it into a non-DRMed form. (With audio, by contrast, you can burn purchased music to CD and then re-rip it as MP3s... And, yes, I do that with my purchased songs.) Anyone have more info on the video DRM aspects?

The other people that aren't too thrilled are WalMart execs. (Which, really, makes me root for Apple even more, just on principle.) Seems they take their low prices seriously and don't like to see Apple undercutting them. They've been visiting executives of other studios and having ominous conversations where they warn the studios not to do business with Apple, lest they find WalMart stops stocking their product.

Anyone else thinking of a Monty Python mafia sketch? ("This is a real nice movie studio you got here. It'd be a shame if someone were to set fire to it." "Set fire to it?" "Fires happen, Mr. Apple-lover. Actors burn.")

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