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The grape jelly that I made turned out pretty well. (see this entry) The flavor is nice, though a bit heavy on the fig. Texture's pretty good, but a little loose. The wine made a nice addition, rounding out a lot of the flavors.

I had a chance to take a small jar to the marketplace yesterday. There's a great little wine and cheese shop there. The guy who had recommended the pinot noir I used was there and was tickled to receive the jelly. I don't think anyone's ever brought in samples of what they've made with his recommended wines. :) So that was nice; it's fun to surprise people like that.

In the news, it looks like element 118 has finally been synthesized. I wonder what they'll name it? By tradition, the discoverer(s) have naming rights, though this has led to problems in the past. 118 was created in Dubna in Russia, but we already have element 105 named Dubnium. Perhaps they'll name it after a person this time? (Personally, I like Unobtanium or OMGBiggium.)

Got my first OS X kernel panic today! Yep, the ominous black box telling me, in four languages, to hit the power button because all hope was lost. It happened right as I unplugged my (unmounted) iPod. Looking at the kernel dump log, it was indeed a fault (bad pointer access) in the

The first eInk product has finally come out. The new Sony Reader[NYT - reg req or bug me not] uses a static "digital ink" display, a technology that's been in development for some time and which I've been anxious to see in practice.

Finally, speaking of books, it's been pointed out to me that I never actually posted answers to the book identification quiz from a while ago. I'm going to list only the unguessed entries.

Not surprisingly, given my friends list, the "furry" books section was guessed within hours. The most challenging section turned out to be general fiction (such a wide range, I suppose).

There were a couple guesses that #3 was about the general theory of relativity, possibly by Einstein (melchar and brerandalopex/Alopex). It was, in fact, Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Albert Einstein himself. I thought, by choosing the original text, that it might actually be easier to guess -- ah well.

#6 was Another Day, Another Dungeon by Greg Costikyan (of An excellent book and a great fantasy farce. The only downside is that he's only ever written two books out of the trilogy... We're still waiting...

#7 was The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks. Sci-fi story with Bank's always-interesting writing style. I was tempted to use a passage that mentioned the odd names of space battlecruisers, along the lines of Gratiutous Display of Force and Just Read the Manual.

#10 was Tricky Business by Dave Barry. His novels carry the same humor as the columns, but toned down and more evenly distributed. The scene quoted was where someone steals a corporate mascot costume and then ends up in the middle of a firefight when a drug deal goes bad. Yeah, it's that sort of book.

Hope people had fun with that quiz!

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