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So... I've got a journal so I suppose I should actually write in it now and again. Ya know, talk about stuff. Or something. Dude.

So what's new? Besides working on personal projects and job seeking, not too much. I should announce that I've not read the new Harry Potter book. Not that I don't like the Harry Potter series, it's great, but...

Well, the backstory here actually has to do with Tolkien. I never really read much Tolkien despite my claiming to be an RPG geek in high school. So as the movies began coming out I resolved to give the books another try. What I've discovered is that Tolkien was a genius for inventing such rich mythology and worlds from essentially whole cloth. That and I still don't like his writing.

But I'm trying to give it a shot out of respect for knowing the original text. So I want to read The Return of the King before the release of the third movie. And so I said I wouldn't read any other books, except technical books, before that one.

Well, that was like four months ago. I've managed to get most of the way through chapter two without falling asleep. I'm not quite sure how the story and characters can be so compelling... yet the text so opaque and unapproachable. And I'm reading tech manuals by comparison!

Okay. The net result of that rambling is that I won't actually start HP5 until I complete my current book. Or until the third movie is released, at which point I'll just give up. :P

So my Harry Potter fannishness is circling in a holding pattern. Eventually, though, I'll read it. And then I can make a snappy little "I finished it!" post. Though it'll be less impressive when it's December.

So. Dude. I'm tired.
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