Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Iron Artist History

It is almost time for the annual event where, summoned by Chairman Seurat, the great artists of furry fandom gather together in a competition that will decide who gets the title of
"Iron Artist"

This year marks our seventh event at Further Confusion. I, commentator and secretary to the Chairman, have been busy with preparations. But it's always good to pause at this time and look back...

Rules and signup forms will be at the Info Desk, near the registration area. Any and all FC attendees are welcome to sign up as Iron Artist Challengers! Previous participation in the event does not bar you from signing up again. One of the highlights of the event is the drawing of random competitors to have an artistic showdown onstage. We will also be drawing someone to be one of the judges for the event.

Iron Artist Battle Results by Year:
Year/Media Iron Artist Challenger Victor IA Defends Total Wins
I: 2001
Sidewalk Chalk
Jim GroatHedgyIA11
T.K. DyeVince SuzukawaC-1
Marci McAdamK.TurtleIA11
II: 2002
Cake Frosting
Jim GroatAmara/OcelotC-1
Vince SuzukawaT.K. DyeIA12
Marci McAdamBaron EngelIA22
III: 2003
Sharpie Tatoos
Amara/OcelotDusty RhodesIA12
Vince SuzukawaD.C. SimpsonIA23
John Nunnemacher*Valden ValmontIA**
IV: 2004
Balloon Animals
Vince SuzukawaThe GneechC-1
Marci McAdamImmortal PainIA33
V: 2005
Stained Glass
The GneechEzraIA12
Marci McAdamVinciIA44
VI: 2006
Dried Pasta
Amara/OcelotBabs BunnyIA45
The GneechArturo HernandezC11
Marci McAdamVermy FoxIA55
VII: 2007
Mass Leaf Collage
Arturo Hernandez
Marci McAdam

* Elected substitute for Marci McAdam. Does not count towards her statistics.

Iron Artist Career Win Record (year leaders in bold)
Artist (alphabetical) Iron Title 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Dye, Thomas K. Comics 00----
Groat, Jim Violence 11----
Hernandez, Arturo Toony -----1
McAdam, Marci Cute 12-345
Robey, John "The Gneech" Comics ---12-
Suzukawa, Vince Comics 1233--
Telgemeier, Amara "Ocelot" Spotty -12345

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