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Current Events, now with 20% less fat

Friday, while I was at home, Richard stopped by for a visit, since he had the day off. Not only was it a fun visit, but he gave me copies of the pictures we took of our last headcasting session. We (along with a whole group o' fursuiters) have been working on refining our headcasting process. Now that I have photos, you can soon expect to see a new page on my fursuit site that illustrates our technique.

Yesterday, worked on coding and generally lazed about the nest.

Today, I got some more pics from tjcoyote, who got some good footage of me juggling at Midwest FurFest in my Jasmine jester costume. He was nice enough to not only forward me a video snippet, but to go back and create some still frames so I can put it up on my fursuit site. What a 'yote!

Later tonight, kit_ping and I are off to a concert. We don't know what concert... It's actually our Christmas present from 3catsjackson. A clever way to get something for notoriously-hard-to-buy-for folks such as myself. Perhaps sometime I'll go into detail, but basically I have the same gift criteria as my dad: "no crap". I've got enough crap around this place, I don't need something else to sit around and gather dust.

Anyway, the concert should be fun. Jackson knows our tastes pretty well.

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