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Fourth and Fifth

Fourth of July

Had a little shindig at our place. Well, our driveway mostly, since our interior place is really quite small. But we had a couple dozen friends coming and going around the BBQ. Very laid-back fun, as is typical for our get togethers.

We're becoming good friends with our local butcher (Anthony's the one on the right) since we like good food at our BBQs, so we always custom order a big pile of meats. :) This has it's advantages, as he has helped me get some exotic meats for resolution dishes.

Around darkness, we walked down to the marina which is only four or five blocks away. From there, we could see the fireworks at Jack London Square in Oakland. Additionally, we could look down the channel and see the colisseum show, across Oakland and see Berkeley's show, southeast and see some smaller local shows... Pretty good for no admission charges and no parking hassle!

Saturday's Rallye: Marker Reloaded

Chez Lunatiques went down to the south bay for the monthly Rallye Club event. This time it was Marker Reloaded, a Matrix-theme puzzle rallye. For this one, we teamed up with my old chum Jimmy and branded93. Five in one car was a bit tight but we managed! (Much to the amusement of some of the other rallyeists, who are usually two or three to a car.)

But we had the last laugh as we finished FIRST in the Novice category! With this win, we're moving up to the Senior ranks. (For the record, there were about 15 entrants in Novice so this wasn't an easy victory.)

Good puzzles on this rallye. Lots of playing around with the definitions of "onto" versus "on" and the like. Word and logic puzzles gone haywire! I love it!

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