Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Washington Relocation

I've made the move up to Washington. I'm living in an apartment in Kirkland; that's across the bay from Seattle, right next to Redmond.

For the first time in my life, I'm no longer a California resident. It felt somewhat odd, driving around on errands and seeing friends during the last few days, knowing that it might be a while before I was back. And that it wouldn't really be home again.

We're well along in the process of selling our house in Alameda. (The end of Chez Lunatiques!) Kit will then be moving up here to join me.

So far, Washington's been lovely. Downtown Kirkland is picturesque and pleasantly kitchy. The apartment has easy access to stores and the freeway. Our cat is adapting well to the new home. (And she naps quietly during long car rides, fortunately, so the feline transporting was fairly easy.)

The only big downside is that the apartment doesn't yet have Internet access. I'm down at a local coffee shop in order to get online to post this. Granted, when I start work on Monday, I should get access there. But, still... no 'net at home. It's just so 20th century!

So if you don't see me online or get responses from me too often, that's the reason. Next week should be better. And I'll also try to post something about my new job soon.
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