Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Timothy Update

Yesterday, they took Timothy off his ventilator. He now just has a tube to his nose providing supplemental oxygen. (It's blowing warm, moist air into his nose, with only 5% more oxygen than room air.)

So he's been breathing on his own and doing well this past day. His oxygen and blood levels look good.

He is also less sedated. Today, he actually spent a bit of time with his eyes open, getting his first good look at Kit and me. He opened his eyes briefly a few times right after he was born but has kept them basically closed since then. (I suspect he takes after me, the migrainer, and clamped his eyelids closed after getting a view of the harsh hospital lighting.)

He's definitely healing and progressing. Hopefully, within a week or so, he'll be able to come home.
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