Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Rat Swag!

Went to the local Disney store and, sure enough, the new Ratatouille merchandise is out! So, I went a little crazy... But how often do you see so much cute rat swag?

Ratties ratties ratties ratties ratties

A bunch of Remy (the gray one) and Emile (the brown one) goodies. I didn't pick up a larger Remy plush since I was a little disappointed with how they looked. They weren't a really good interpretation of the character and had some mistakes (misaligned eyes, eyelids the wrong color).

I really like the rat oven mitt. Plus it came with an apron that was actually adult-sized, to my surprise. It was folded up and I guessed that it was a kid's apron. Score!

Sadly, the Ratatouille pajamas with rat head hoods were only in child sizes. Think how much time that'd save on making a fursuit! You could just buy one off the rack. Alas...

(And at this point, I'm really reeeeeeally hoping it's a good movie. :) )
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