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I can say, without any bias whatsoever, that Ratatouille is quite simply the bestest movie in forever. I expect to stop grinning madly about it sometime next year. :>

It's wonderfully cute and funny. The plot is not deep, as befits a "kid's movie", but makes up for it by being long and having a lot of interesting little chapters and reversals. Above all, they did a surprisingly good job of modeling rats and French kitchens. (I absolutely love the sequence where we see him running through a building's walls from the rat POV at rat speed; it's just the way I'd pictured it... not that I visualize these sorts of things or anything... heh.)

I think it gives non-rat-fans a glimpse into the cuteness we see in the li'l guys. If you like rats, or fun movies, or fine food, or Paris, or sewers, or not rats, or roux, or -- look, just go see this movie! :D

73/5 rattypaws!
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