Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

New House

We now officially own a house again! Which means that we implicitly own a big, sweaty lump of homeowner projects!

We formally closed on the house last week. This weekend, we met there with the old owners who were nice enough to show us all the practical little details (here's where the overgrown sprinkler valve is hidden) and necessities of life (there's a really good Thai restaurant just up the highway). That was nice of them and certainly much appreciated by us.

The weekend was a blur of trips to and from hardware stores. We're repainting several rooms, staining a whole lot of doors (thankfully natural wood, so no stripping involved), and replacing all the outlets and light switches. Then there's getting contractors in to do the real remodeling. Whee!

We've called the phone company, ISP, garbage, electrical, flooring, movers, satellite TV, .... Moving is a good thing, right? We wanted all this, right?

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