Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Musical-Sciencey Museum Fun

We went into the city today for a meetup with some of Kit's Internet friends. They were fellow parents from an online board so we all met for lunch with our various offspring in tow.

Afterwards, Kit, Tim, and I headed over to the Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum. Two wonderful museums melded together in a weird blob-like building. This is somewhere I'd wanted to visit even before moving to the Seattle area.

The SFM featured 'Out of this World' which (besides being the title of an MST3K short) is an exhibit of sci-fi costumes. That was really cool from a costume geek point of view. There were a number of original Star Wars pieces, including one of Luke's light sabers and X-wing jumpsuits, an original stormtrooper helmet (fan helmets look better -- really), and Obi Wan's desert robe (It's unhemmed brown felt -- as simple as it looks).

I have to say that I felt like I was missing out on about a third of the exhibit since I'm not a Star Trek fan. Nothing against it, I just never really got into it. I don't know that this reflected an unfair bias as there has been a lot of Star Trek over the years. On that rationale, though, we really should've had some more Dr. Who in there. :)

Beyond that, there were the museum's permanent displays of artifacts, props, and original books. One item they had was an animatronic standin Donatello from one of the TMNT movies along with its remote control box. (They're technically sci-fi, I guess.) Lots of amazing stuff accompanied by plaques full of background trivia.

The EMP (that's Experience Music Project, not ElectroMagnetic Pulse) had a Disney exhibit along with an extensive collection of music artifacts and guitars through history. We had to hurry a bit since it was coming up on closing time but it was still quite interesting.

As an extra bit of costume trivia, they had some costumes from the Lion King stage show. The large headdress representing the Mufasa character? It's actually constructed from cast carbon fiber and weighs about a pound!

I highly recommend you check out the EMP/SFM if you're anywhere in the area and interested in the subjects. Sadly, this was the last day of the Disney exhibit but the costume exhibit is there until the end of the month. Besides, the regular exhibits are nifty on their own.

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