Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

House Work

Accomplished So Far
Repainted master bedroom (moss green), bathroom (white), fursuit room (white walls at last)
Stained about a third of the downstairs doors, cabinets, and trims
Unpacked a dozen boxes
Mapped and labeled circuit breakers
Replaced switches and outlets in two rooms
Cleared dead brush and cut back garden beds
Leveled and fixed gravel path
Had laminate floor installed in downstairs hallway and common area
Had new carpet installed in the master bedroom and stairs
Got contractors' quote on kitchen remodel

Still To Do
Stain the rest of the downstairs wood
Trim three downstairs doors since the laminate floor is a quarter of an inch higher :P
Replace outlets and switches in the other rooms
Schedule contractors to come out and tear up the kitchen and front room
Outdoor lighting on front walk and parking
Unpack about fifteen thousand more boxes

Comments on Painting
A bit of Dave Barry kept floating up from the back of my memory while painting that I thought I'd share:

Paint manufacturers have excellent senses of humor, as evidenced by the instructions on the label. They usually have some ridiculous statement like "Do not paint surfaces which are dirty, oily, discolored, or have old or flaking paint." Well why do they think you want to paint the damn surface in the first place? Ignore this obvious jape and just paint the thing, flaking paint and all.

"Expert" Tip: Before painting over them, be sure to smash any unusually large insects until they are a flush smear on the wall using a standard 2 3/8" painter's mallet.

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