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Stuff and Things

Some random updates on my life, even though you didn't ask:

Portland Trip Afterword: Driving around some towns farther out from Portland, we actually saw a shop called "Stuff and Things", one of my favorite phrases for the uncategorizable.

Health: Getting over the head cold we picked up on the trip. Let me just say that it is not fair that you can have a migraine and a hacking cough at the same time.

Web Snafu: Just noticed that the update script at my fursuit website... didn't. Gotta look into that and tweak it then get the dang updates visible. Grr. Dunno when I'll have time to delve into that.

Fursuiting: Speaking of that, working on trying to write some more substantial fursuiting information and instructions. I'm also experimenting with some new materials and adhesives. More on that later.

Employment: Still un-. Anyone got any leads for a software guy specializing in data-driven models and low-level coding? Resume online. Unemployment is fun but doesn't pay well.

MFT3000: We've reviewed the draft render and, except for a little volume levelling problem, it looks good! Cheers, props, hugs, and slang to 3catsjackson for pullin' it together. (And he now has the same nervous eye twitch as higginsdragon developed... Hmm...) There's teaser information (and a trailer) up on the MFT3K website.

Coding: In my time out of work, I've been working on exercising my graphics skills by trying to learn DirectX. While I'm great at graphics in theory, it's the details of the wacked-out poorly-documented APIs that trip me up. But I have got some stuff rendering. In fact, I've built an original adaptive surface tesselation algorithm... Should it worry me that I consider this "fun"?

Music: Finished the test version of a dance techno CD I've been mixing. Sounds pretty good except for two or three transitions where I completely flubbed it. A little more editing and it'll be passable. A bouncy collection of favorite tunes that swap out quickly.

DJ Tools: I don't consider myself a DJ for fiddling about with offline mixing. I love what a good DJ can do but the tools --turntables-- never seemed that attractive. Sorry, I'm a 21st century digital boy! I do all my stuff in the computer. Though I have to say that this geek toy (well, grad project) is really attractive... Too bad it's not for sale (yet).

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