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In the News

  • Free speech cuts both ways. It's been officially ruled by Washington's high court that politicians can lie. Whether this law or its being overturned will have any effect on politicians' behavior is highly debatable.

  • The Ig Nobel Prizes were handed out. I'm hoping better coverage turns up soon (as it's a really fun ceremony). Included was Doug Zongker giving a reprise of his inspired 'Chicken' Powerpoint presentation.

    Rodent-oriented winners of the prizes included Spanish scientists who determined that rats cannot reliably distinguish between Japanese and Dutch played backwards as well as Argentinian researchers who discovered that Viagra can reduce the effects of jet lag in hamsters.

  • Japan is well on their way to the moon with their Selene satellite settling into orbit. China and India are also making progress on lunar expeditions. The US, the only country that used to be able to make trips to the moon, is hoping to get the technology to return sometime around 2020...

    As I predicted, this is starting to garner some public attention because America isn't "first", in a very obvious and public way. The Senate actually attached an extra billion to the president's appropriations budget in hopes of boosting NASA's cash flow. But other countries have been making consistent (well-funded) strides to earn their place in this revived race. As NASA administrator Michael Griffin said earlier, "China will beat us to the moon. ... Americans will not like it. But they will just have to not like it."

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