Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

NaNo Update

Day 1
The website is pretty much rolling over and dying, kicking its little rack casters in the air. Sympathies and apologies to anyone else trying this. It does get better after the first couple days.

On weekdays, I'm sticking to only writing while on my ferry commute. I still managed 1,661 words in the first day.

Day 2
The website is better but still pretty sucky on response times.

So far today, I'm up to 2,581 words. It's a pretty fast start but I suspect I'll run into trouble down the road. The first third of the story is pretty well worked out; the middle is sketched in; the last third is unformed and piecemeal. This is really bad for me since I like to write with a clear vision of what "the whole" should be. Every element fits into the larger picture. And my larger picture is still very fuzzy...
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