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Cool Christmas Present

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So, as previously mentioned, 3catsjackson was buying kit_ping and me concert tickets as a Christmas present. We didn't know who we'd be seeing, so it was in fact a surprise. I didn't actually figure out who it was until we got inside and I saw a souvenir stall selling T-shirts of... Peter Gabriel!

What a great present! The concert was, quite simply, terrific. Once past the opening acts (the second of which, a pair of traditional African musicians, was pretty good), Peter Gabriel and his band came out and played... and played... and played. The whole show was about four hours, three of which was Gabriel. The man has incredible stamina, that's all I can say!

It was a great show. He played a good mix of classic hits and new material; the group was really on that night and did an excellent job.

I also have to comment on the set design, being fascinated with technical stuff as I always am. Absolutely unreal! Being in an arena, the stage was circular; all of the lights were suspended on a circular rig above the stage. But it also lowered, served as a walkway, lowered cloth for projected images, and more.

But it also lowered some key props onto the stage. During one song, it held what looked like a giant inflatable sphere underneath it. Lights were projected through this, creating an interesting prismatic effect. I was thinking, "Okay. Bizarre but cool-lookin'." Then the sphere was lowered onto the stage, detached from the rig, and Peter Gabriel climbed into it.

He has a giant inflatable rat ball! I want one! I want one!

I'm still amazed thinking about this. It was an inflatable spherical shell, about twelve feet across on the outside and having about an eight foot hollow on the inside. He got in there and walked (and bounced) around the stage. Too cool!

Anyhow, it was a magnificent show. I'd never seen Peter Gabriel live or even heard tell of his shows. But I highly recommend that any fans seek out tickets to his shows. If this one was any indication, they are more than worth it.

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