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Commercial Confusion

So I just saw a commercial on TV for cotton. Just cotton, the material. Their message was "a common thread".

This leaves me confused. Why did cotton manufacturers (presumably) pay for this commercial? Are there people out there who are unaware of the most common clothing fiber of this century? Are they expecting people to suddenly cry out in surprise, "Cotton! I didn't know I could buy cotton! I'd better rush to the store before they sell out of cotton products!"

I'm flummoxed. Most commrcials, even though they may be horrible, focus on a particular product. But the point of this one eludes me...

And this is to say nothing of those BASF commercials where they brag that "BASF doesn't make this item, we make this item better." To which my reaction is, "So? Do I care?" As an individual, they've just told me that I can't even buy any "BASF".

So now I just sit there... resentful at BASF for taunting me about their not making of things! Is this what they wanted? Have they realized that individual consumers aren't part of their business model and they decided, on a lark, to see if they could wantonly annoy them?

Bleah. I suspect I'm thinking too much while watching TV. I should just join the herd...
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