Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Another Exciting Weekend

It was time. We have a friend coming up to visit next weekend so we needed to confront... the library.

This is the room where we've put the boxes that aren't unpacked because we don't really know where to unpack them to. Most of it was even stuff that should ultimately be in the library. It was just all packed in boxes. There were enough boxes that it was just a solid cube of stacked boxes. Rubik's Library.

This is not actually the library. It's the furnace room next door. This space was empty this morning.

The boxes on the right are most of my CD collection. Most of those still haven't been ripped. Hours and hours of fun ahead, there. :P

What's important to note is the stack of empty totes on the left. All of these totes contained books and papers and scattered memorabilia. Kit and I sorted through all of these and shelved the books, repacked other things to keep, and threw away what we didn't need.

I just want to point out that's a lot of big totes. In case you wonder what exciting things I do all day on the weekend. :)

The library isn't empty yet. But we've got it down to a wall of boxes and totes that will fit along the back wall. We've also cleared enough space that we can set up the hide-a-bed couch and side table. One step closer to having our house actually kinda set-up and moved-into.
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