Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Effin' C

It's down to only one week until FC. Panic? Not entirely.

I've had a few people ask whether I'm going to be there. Of course! Just because I've moved to a different state doesn't mean I'm not going to FC. I've been there every year so far (and on staff every year but one, I think).

We're heading down by train, too. Since it's three of us (and one of us is 8 months old), travelling by airline has become less attractice. It's not too much more expensive than three plane tickets and it should be a lot more fun and involve less people rooting through our luggage.

I'm looking forward to FC. I've been busy trying to finish up a new fursuit; the bulk of it is done and I just need to wrap up a lot of little details this weekend. In addition to building a shipping box for the train. :P

There's three events I'm involved with this year. I'll be co-hosting Iron Artist again. Should be fun, though we had to really jump through hoops to get the hotel to allow a portable furnace for glass blowing. Then there's Qf, a panel quiz I'm running late Saturday evening. Finally, I'm acting as MC for the comedy hour of Kigs and SpazFox.

...I find I'm hosting all these events that I'd like to watch. :) I guess that's good; I'm helping to create the sorts of programming I'd like to see.

Otherwise, I'll just be bumming about and idling around the con... Yeah, right. I'll switch into twitchy-rat mode, just like always. :D But feel free to grab me regardless! I always like to chat with folks. And, now that I'm actually travelling to the area, it'll be great to see old friends, too. week to go...
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