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Animal Imitators

So... saw the show, as I'm sure countless furries did. In fact, snapcat and wolfstoy both put up nice entries shortly before this.

So, cutting to the chase: I think it was pretty good.

Let's face it, this was a HUGE step up from past furry TV coverage where the theme was "they're all sex-crazed maniacs with fursuits and plush and whips and molesting children and worshipping satan". Okay, maybe I'm bitter and exaggerating... slightly.

This show wasn't specifically about furries but about animal spirits, body modification, and quest for self image. An interesting angle with a lot of diverse, well-expressed viewpoints. Some people were furries (notably the aforementioned Snap, who shined in his role as goofy harmless tiger) and some were not (Snake and Cat, by their own accounts).

Since I am not much of a "lifestyler" in the fandom (though I respect those who are; pursue your happiness how you choose), it was a bit dismaying that more moderate (some might say, "mundane") leanings in the fandom weren't represented. To put it bluntly, we were featured alongside a man with "freak" tattooed on his chest and a guy who eats his meat nearly raw despite still having a human GI tract. So be it. I'll still accept that this is probably better repesentation than we've gotten from other shows and at least tells personal stories of conviction and belief rather than tawdry tabloid tales.

The show didn't really make a strong distinction about who's furry and who isn't; in fact, they failed to really define "furry" at all. Somewhat of a failing, from my personal viewpoint, but perhaps appropriate given the thematic focus of the show. Furry culture is more of a backdrop to their stories. But this is okay, since they at least showed positive social aspects offered by the fandom and perhaps built a subtle awareness of it without forcing viewers to have/accept opinions of the fandom and furries generally.

(And now that the show is recorded and done, my VCRs return to dubbing Starcrash... Again and again and again...)

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