Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

FC, Brief Recap

Short, short version: Yay!

It was a pretty good year. I was recovering from a cold which meant that I didn't have my usual energy levels; I had to get extra rest and pace myself. It meant I had to skip some events (e.g. masquerade).

On the other paw, the two events I was responsible for went pretty well. We did Iron Artist and this year's secret medium was vases (pronounced "VAH-zen"). Our six artists painted some remarkable vases, especially considering the half hour time limit. I think the show was well received.

The other one was Quite Furry ("Qf"), a little panel quiz show. It was a new and experimental show based on the BBC show Qi which is hardly known in the states. It was in an awkward time slot (Sat 11pm) and I didn't have a chance to really advertise. Nevertheless, we got a spirited little audience of 20-25 furs. The panel (Trey, The Gneech, Genevive Fox, and Mel White after 3 Klingon Revenges) was willing and able to have fun with it. I think everyone had a nice, silly time of it.

It was also great to see so many old (and new) friends. I won't include a litany here; it's a significant fraction of my LJ friends list. You know who you are. And, hey, thanks to all of my friends, if it comes to that.

I debuted a new fursuit at FC, too. Remy from Ratatouille made a number of appearances here and there around the con. People especially liked the touch of having Linguini ride on his head; that was a relatively last-minute idea that I'm glad I could pull off. The highlight of it all was marching near the front of the fursuit parade (364! OMG.) with a bunch of my fellow rats. My rodent soul rejoiced! :D
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