Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Semi-Periodic Update

Been busy with work, which is no surprise. Otherwise, I've been working on writing (well, editing) a little bit and trying to help keep up with Timothy at home.

You see... he's crawling. He's figured out locomotion. That means that Kit and I spend some time in "goalie mode" as he explores the living room. He hasn't quite got the coordination down but he's been getting steadily faster. And I swear he's even faster when your back is turned.

Only other bit of news is that we finally had a housewarming-type event. We invited the nearby neighbors over for drinks and snacks Sunday evening. Yes, this is nearly half a year after we moved in, I know. But we've finally managed to unpack most of the boxes. We also got the upstairs into pretty good shape. Heck, we even hung curtains!
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