Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Movie Quotes Answers

Here are the sources for the movie quotes in my last post. And, yes, there are a few things that aren't technically "movies" but I warned you about that. :)

1. Sneakers - Darn good movie, really.

2. City Limits - A pathetic attempt at a sort of post-apocalyptic Mad Max on motorcycles movie. Known mostly from being on MST3K and 80s late night cable.

3. The Empire Strikes Back - Several people knew it was Star Wars but not which movie.

4. The Lion King - A Disney classic but one of the lesser-remembered lines, perhaps.

5. Dr. Strangelove - The film with the excessively long subtitle.

6. The Hunt for Red October

Bonus: All of the above had lines voiced by James Earl Jones

7. Hot Fuzz - How can a movie be so violent yet so funny?

8. Tank Girl - Thanks to Audiwolf for being the only one to guess this and making me not the only one that remembers lines from this wild B-movie.

9. From the Earth to the Moon - Menagerie knows her space history (as I've come to expect!) and got this tricky one. It's a mini-series (and a darn good one) and this quote is from the episode about Apollo 8.

10. MST 3000: The Movie - And I even quoted their host segment and not the movie-within-the-movie ("This Island Earth") to avoid confusion.

11. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - Also featured on MST3K though I first saw it on cable one Christmas.

12. The Pink Panther Strikes Again - Another one that's tricky just because, even with sensitive scientific instruments, it's difficult to tell the pink panther sequels apart.

13. Clue VCR Mystery Game - The old VCR home game version (I've owned most versions of Clue) had some cheesy, campy video segments. Wonderful, if you like that sort of thing. Anyway, this line is from Miss Peach in the first Chapter.

14. Whoops Apocalypse! - An obscure british comedy from the mid-80s which is memorable mostly for being funny yet extremely tasteless (and featuring good actors). The line is from the Prime Minister who went a little... odd. Kudos to Kevin for knowing this one.

15. Diablo II - The prologue cinematic sequence from the game Diablo II. I just really liked those lines and they stuck with me.

Thanks to everyone for playing! Hope you enjoyed it.

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