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Earthquake! - Rat Ramblings — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Earthquake! [Sep. 4th, 2003|06:45 pm]
[Current Mood |startled]

There was just an earthquake tat rumbled through... Loud and sharp shaking but very short duration.

Preliminary reports are that it was a 4.1 magnitude centered in Piedmont, just on the other side of Oakland from us. Anyone else feel it?

(California reflexes kicked in and Kit and I were in doorways within ten seconds! :)

[User Picture]From: electricgecko
2003-09-04 07:03 pm (UTC)
I felt it, yep.

The USGS Quake site (http://quake.usgs.gov/recenteqs/latest.htm) has been calling it a 3.9, though it seems reports of strength almost always differ from source to source. No one seems to be able to decide on the magnitudes of even the large quakes, so I guess we can give them some slack... ;)
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[User Picture]From: waterotter
2003-09-04 11:50 pm (UTC)
... and then both back to your computers, I see.:)
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[User Picture]From: spikedpunch
2003-09-05 08:48 am (UTC)
I think that was the Californian and Furry instincts clashing with each other... Kinda of like the fight/flight conflicting with "oh, I got email.."
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[User Picture]From: happyjenn97
2003-09-05 12:45 am (UTC)
Ten seconds? It only lasted about 2 seconds where we were, but then again, you were much closer to the epicenter. :)
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[User Picture]From: nicodemusrat
2003-09-05 01:43 pm (UTC)
Ack, typed the wrong word! Was supposed to be *two* seconds...
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[User Picture]From: musecalliopeia
2003-09-18 11:18 am (UTC)
*laughs* I don't know about 'California reflexes'. :) I remember one Saturday morning when I was a kid, Dad and I were lying on the floor in the living room watching cartoons. A small earthquake hit, and Dad and I continued to lie there on the floor. My mother (who grew up on the East Coast, and is rather phobic about earthquakes) threw herself into the living room doorway and yelled at us as we lay there on the floor. My dad looked up at her with a benign smile and said, "Calli's practically a native Californian. She knows what to do if a major quake happens, but that was just a tiny one. Nothing to get upset about." My mom was livid. :) Poor Mom. :)
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