Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Weekend Projects

Spent the bulk of this weekend working around the house. Sister-in-law witchofnovember came up to alternately lend a hand and act as baby wrangler, which has been immensely helpful.

Besides some miscellaneous laundry and chores, we got a few big things done:

The paint on the deck/porch has been peeling and flaking a bit since last winter. It looked like it could use some touching up. So we got some paint matched at the store, brought it home, and began to prep for a little patching.

That's when I discovered that this was really more than a few scattered spots. I could reach under the flakes and pull up large sections of paint, some more than 6" long. It was... You ever had a really bad sunburn?

So there was much more chipping and stripping and sanding than I originally expected. But we got it sorted, at least through getting a first coat on everything. Glad we were able to get a clear, sunny weekend for it.

Timothy got a swing as a birthday present. We finally hung it in the covered area of the porch outside the kitchen door. I got up and put eye bolts in the rafters, braces, rope extensions... Yeah, it was a bit of a bother. But he loves swinging at the park, so I'm sure this'll get it's use. :)

Jam and Jelly
It's berry season again! I love fresh berries. Kit picked up some flats from a local stand and we made some nice preserves out of those that we didn't eat immediately.

Strawberry jam, with a splash of merlot. I think we ended up with 6 jars of this.

Raspberry jelly, with merlot and a splash of lemon and honey. Raspberries are great but they have an annoying number of tiny seeds if you make them into jam, so I strained it out, skimmed it, and made some proper jelly. Got 4 jars of this.

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