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Resolution Spanish Black Radish

New ingredient 12: Spanish Black Radish
This is part of my New Years Resolution.

picTake note now, me friends, for this be no mere ordinary radish! T'was a huge black-crusted beast, prized from the earth by stout swabbies. Why, the mighty thing nearly cost me my remainin' leg, it did!

Aye, perhaps I exaggerate. But ye can find stuff about this exotic radish hereabouts to get an idea. Fact is, some folks even use 'em medicinally. Some big herbal thing. We had Cookie, our ol' galley-skulkin' rat, fix up a simple plate o' veggies for us. A wonderfully crisp spicy taste for some salty dogs, it sure beats bein' keelhauled.

Ship's Stock
1-2 Black Spanish Radishes
1 lb green beans
Pot with veggie steamer

Clean the veggies. Then slice the radish thinly (no usin' yer cutlass).

Put the beans and radishes into the steamer. Layer the radishes like deckboards to help 'em steam all evenly.

Steam for 5-6 minutes over a pot o' briney sea water.

Sprinkly with dill and lemon juice (it prevents scurvy, mates!). Dig in!


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