Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

It's That Time of Year Again

It's a sign, like seeing the first robin of spring. It's how you know that the season is, inevitably, creeping up.

I saw my first Spirit store banner. Halloween is on its way.

I usually end up visiting a Spirit store each year. Not that I often need extremely cheap plastic props or bad costumes that would actually disintegrate if you tried to wear them more than once. I go because of the rats.

They always have a variety of rubber rat sculptures, with a new model every year or two. It's amusing to see just how far off the zoological model they've drifted. Last year I saw one that had huge fangs. Not incisors, mind you, but canines. Rats don't even have canines. They've got those (cute) incisors up front, a gap ("interstice"), and then the premolars.

If Spirit products are any indicator, pretty soon "rat" will become a mythological concept, like "dragon", where each artist can render it in their own way.
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