Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

RainFurrest Report

I spent last weekend at RainFurrest, the new* local furry con. It was a blast. I'm so glad there's going to be a local con with such a great vibe. (And a nice hotel: the atrium, including trees appropriately enough, is beautiful; the staff were friendly and got into the swing of things.)

The official reg number was 599, so this isn't even a particularly small local con, either. Pretty impressive for a con starting out. The con staff did a great job running the show, too.

Other than touring the dealers' room, chatting with friends, or just idling about (lurking is a natural state for rats), I presented a few panels. I did body construction and head construction, both of which had a basically full room. There was also a small but enthusiastic Open Q&A panel. I forget, sometimes, how much I like doing panels. (At least where I don't need to prep a lot of materials.) I always enjoy discussing fursuiting; somehow it's an endlessly fascinating subject to me. :)

Special thanks to a few pals, though I normally don't do that. (I dislike the appearance of "playing favorites" because I can't possibly list all the cool people I know and met.)
- Aeto, thanks for spotting me the cash to reg when I foolishly had only credit cards
- Fox Cutter and Anna Sheehan, thanks for the advice and allowing me to bend your ears
- North and Xodiac, thanks for organizing the con and getting me in to do the panels
- Thumper, thanks for the inspiring words on fursuiting and charity
- AgentMiss, sister-in-law and non-furry who came along, helped wrangle the kid, and still had some fun with it all

There were two particular highlights that I wanted to mention:

Timothy's First Costumed Outing

This was Timothy's first time in an actual costume. I put together a one-piece felt item that we could just pull over his head.

I knew I was going to be bringing Remy (since I haven't had a chance to finish another suit) and I wanted to get Timothy involved. Someone (Twig? Was it you?) suggested on IM one night that I should make Timothy into a wedge of cheese. It was such a goofy idea that I knew I had to do it.

He did pretty well, I thought. He walked about the first third of the parade on his own, with a tight grip on Remy's paw. Progress was slow, through a little stumbling and the desire to visit everyone, especially the giant fuzzy animals. :)

I'm Next Year's Fursuit GoH
Much to my surprise, the con staff extended the invitation to me to be their costuming Guest of Honor at next year's RainFurrest. I was so flattered! It's the first time I've been a GoH.

So now I'm really looking forward to next year! I'll have to see about planning some special fursuit panels and workshops to keep things interesting. I wonder if I can get a new suit ready? Well, I have a year...

*They had a RainFurrest last year, but that was evidently just the beta as this year's con was officially designated RainFurrest I.
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