Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

An Old Friend and some New Snow

rcking was in town on business and stopped by for a pleasant afternoon. It's been years since we saw him (literally) so it was fun to catch up with an old furry friend. We had fun swapping kid stories from different parts of the parenting cycle and talking shop on fursuiting.

I prepared stuffed chicken marsala. First time I'd tried it and I'd say it turned out pretty well. I went a bit thick with the sauce since I wanted some body to it (diced mushrooms and shallots plus a little brown roux). The flavor was very nice but I think I baked the chicken a little too long.

And, since he was highly suspicious of our weather reports ("OMG! We might get an inch of snow! Panic!"), being from the Chicago area and completely unfazed by this, here's a picture from when I got up this morning:

View from our bedroom, 14 Dec 2008

So we really did get some snow! After you left, granted. But a bit less than 2" sitting there this morning.

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