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Political (Factual) Correctness

I think I've found a solution to our political problem. Like so many things, the answer lies in game shows...

What we need is the Family Feud buzzer! Remember that? The contestant would give a really stupid answer and there would be a big red "X" on the screen?

Dawson: "We surveyed a hundred people and the top answers are on the board. The question was... What is your favorite food?"
Contestant: "Uhhh... Armchair!" X bzzzzt! X

It was simple and perfect seventies technology. Now, we need it again! We need to employ this buzzer during all presidential speeches. Whenever our esteemed president says something incorrect, we'll know. Admit it, this would make you want to actually watch every Bush speech! It would be great:

Dubya: "Well, ya see, we needed to remove Saddam from power because he was developing weapons of mass destruction X bzzzzt! X and he was an evil dictator. Though he's hidden them, we'll find these weapons yet X bzzzt! X with the help of our anti-terrorism allies the Egyptians X bzzzzzt! X. Even as our economy improves X bzzzt! X thanks to my progessive tax cuts X bzzzt! X which are financially sound X bzzzt! X, we'll seek out any dictator or rogue state developing nookular weapons.XXX bzzzzzzzzt! XXX"
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