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The dramatic survival tale soon to become a major motion picture

Dec 20th
Snow began to fall last night in gentle, steady, innocent-looking flurries amid an evening of Christmas cheer. During the night it silently piled up, slowly building up towards the windows inch by inch. By morning, it had accumulated to almost seven inches which was still well short of the windows but a noble effort by the snow gods (Shiverus and Frostico).

Dec 21st, 7:48am
We woke up to find that the power was out. We were able to determine the time only by observing the angle of the shadow on a stick poking up through the snow outside the window next to Beth's fully-charged cellphone. She'd been up earlier and recalled seeing "7:35" on the clock, so power had not been out too long and there was no imminent danger of having to resort to cannibalism.

Snow was still falling. The outside paths were entirely obscured. There's discussion about whether it'll be possible to trek overland and try to locate civilization, such as a piece of civilization labeled "Starbucks." It was just possible that there were still islands of survivors out there who had stores of food and caffeine. Early reports of gnaw marks on my ankles turned out to be a false alarm and were only grooves caused by tight socks.

No signs of frost in the bedroom yet. Fortunately, I'd spent several hours last night sewing survival curtains designed to help keep heat in the room as well as providing snazzy wine-colored drapes, properly lined, hung on a decorative bar over our previously-bare window. The bedroom looked a lot better. And it was warmer, of course.

We took stock of our situation. The previous evening we'd wisely filled a pot with water (though our water was still running), put aside a pile of candles (in case we wanted the excitement of open flames near a toddler), and we'd baked emergency survival apple pies (far better than just having apples, really). It appeared there was no need to resort to cannibalism; the barbecue sauce was returned to the pantry cupboard.

Since we were well-prepared to weather the storm, the power came back on. Damn.

We're still trapped by the snow. Caught in the iron grip of winter, we are unable to leave the house and must resort to sitting around eating bacon and omelets while watching "The Muppet Show". It will be hard but we will survive. The holidays will happen and, oh yes, we will be merry.

(With apologies to anyone who is actually in a bad situation, snow-wise. I'm just amused about the local freaking out that happened. The grocery store yesterday was completely nuts. It's like there's seasonal amnesia and we forget that there will be winter storms.)
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