January 10th, 2003


Today's Game Shows

As a game show junkie, some comments on a couple new shows:

Escape from Experiment Island on TLC is not bad. It combines the ability to build machines, ala Junkyard Wars, with puzzles. But it's really just a weak modern take of the classic BBC series Now Get Out of That; the older series was pioneering and witty, which slightly outstrips the flash and fast editing of the new show.

Meanwhile, Game Show Network has introduced Cram, a truly devilish offering! The gimmick is that the two pairs of players receive all of the possible answers 24 hours in advance and must attempt to memorize them. The thing is, the "answers" are things like magazine articles, lists of historical facts, and riddle books. Then, without sleeping, they're quizzed on the show. Brutal!

But it makes for good television... This is about as close to reality TV as I want to get: Game shows. Challenge your couch potato brain! :)
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