July 21st, 2003


The Lowdown, the Skinny, and the Scoop

This past weekend I went to (and was minorly involved in) the wedding of a longtime friend whom we'll call John since it's his name. I've been pals with him since high school, actually. It was a beautiful ceremony; very tastefully done.

Part of the ceremony was the taking of communion. Although the minister did invite those of all or no(!) faiths to partake, I declined. But I was impressed by the inclusive attitude.

The reason I skipped out was because, as many of my friends know, I cannot handle wine. Not "I get drunk easily" or "I don't like it", but "I get a headache sipping it and it makes me gag". I may not be completely up on religious etiquette, but I figure that choking and gagging on the blood of Christ is bad form. Still, it's not as blasphemous as Cheez Whiz.

In other news, my parents came over for dinner. I took the opportunity to go completely wild and cook up a big chinese feast. Not only that, I used two new ingredients! In two separate dishes, even, so that there can be no accusations of bending the rules.

Writeups of the dishes with the accompanying recipes will here appear tomorrow, if I have time. See you there!
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