September 18th, 2003


Resolution Pomegranate

New ingredient 11: Pomegranate (juice)
This is part of my New Years Resolution.

picRecently I prepared Pomegranate Chicken (using an improvised recipe). This was my first time cooking with pomegranates though I'd enjoyed them many times before.

The pomegranate is an unusual fruit in that the outer husk is bark-like and inedible. The interior of the fruit is a number of small juicy pips which resemble currants. Because of the tough husk which prevents damage to the fruit, the pomegranate was much valued among ancient travelers as rations. It was cultivated through the eastern mediterranean and northern Africa. Today it is grown in numerous warm climates, including here in California.

I used pure pomegranate juice in my recipe rather than grenadine. (I happened to be able to locate the juice in the form of a health food drink.) Grenadine may contain a number of ingredients other than pomegranates, including red currants and alcohol. Grenadine, incidentally, is named for the island of Grenada where it was first produced.

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