October 31st, 2003


Halloween at the office

Yay! Fun romping around the new office in the new raccoon 'suit. They even have a sizable costume contest. Of course, I didn't win, 'cause us critters never do. But I must say that the first place winners deserved it; they were playing hillbilly characters and were fantastic improvisers. Hilarious!

There was a fantastic exchange where one of them tried to "catch" me for dinner... Since I was a bit taller than him, I actually lifted him fully off the ground after he threw his arms over me! So, in the middle of the company cafeteria, there's this huge staggering coon surmounted by a hillbilly shouting "We'll eat like kings tonight, Cleetus! I almost got him!"
(Real nice guys, too; I chatted with them a bit afterwards.)

The stats:
Number of costumes (where people put in real effort): 30-35
Number of people who asked if I made my costume: 1
Number of people who said "You MADE that?" when I mentioned it: 8-10
Number of extra posed photos for women* saying how cute the character was: 5
Number of CSI comments heard: 6
Number of negative CSI comments heard: 1
Number of non-furry coworkers who knew about furry/fursuiters (not from CSI): 2
Number of people who are so obviously furry, they just haven't heard of it yet: 1

(*Not meant as a sexist comment, they just all happened to be women.)
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