December 24th, 2003


Holiday Repeat

The following bit of writing is a fun piece I did last year, about this time, and which I'm rather pleased with. It's a bit long, so I put it behind a cut tag. In short, it's about my silly enthusiasm for proper present wrapping.

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More Present Wrapping Goodness!

My last post's essay chronicles, in a strange wandering way, my enthusiasm for proper present wrapping. This year I strived to achieve new levels of wrapping weirdness.

You see, one of the presents for my grandmother was distinctly odd-shaped. No box came with it and the item has a really distinctive shape. I tried to decide how I could wrap it. Putting it into a large box would leave a lot of wasted space. Hmm... New custom shapes... After all, the point of wrapping is to disguise...

The resultant gift looks like a banjo. Really! It's a banjo shape, fully wrapped, with glittery gold ribbon forming strings. (I didn't have time to make tuning pegs, though.) The theory here is that people will look at the package, their brain will scream "BANJO!", and they will be derailed from guessing what's really inside. Now that's holiday fun! :>

(You can post guesses for what's in it, if you like. I'll post the --probably anticlimactic-- answer after our holiday present opening.)
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